Our Services

Short term car rental

Looking for a reliable car rental company in Lebanon? We got you covered!
1) Our cars regularly maintained and serviced at authorized dealer’s facilities.

2) They’re also equipped with all safety measures (ABS – Airbags – ESP/TSC)

3) Our standard price also includes full comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance!

Still not enough? Then make sure you personalize your car rental experience!
From WIFI on board, country-wide pick up and drop off, child seats, smoking/nonsmoking cars, phone chargers, even AUX cables and tissue boxes, we take the extra step making sure you drive the car like it’s your own.

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Long term car leasing for individuals:

Why buy a new car when you can lease it? At Hala Rent a Car, you can lease any car over an extended period of time for a monthly fee; With no downpayment, no hidden costs, fixed budgeting and better flexibility!  Our fees include:
1) Free registration and insurance.
2) Free service and maintenance.
3) Replacement car program.
4) 24/7 roadside assistance.
5) Buyback option.

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Long term car leasing and fleet management for corporations

Through our “tailor made” lease program, we can adapt our services to corporation’s specific requirements. Our fleet leasing advantages also include:
1) Complete fleet management services (24/7 roadside assistance, maintenance, service, insurance, registration, replacement etc.)
2) Great savings on initial capital.
3) Less staff, office and field work.
4) Better budgeting and cash flow management.
5) Fleet flexibility.
6) Marketing value.

Pre owned car sales services

We regularly renew our fleet, as we do not rent or lease cars that are more than three years old. As such, we’re always looking to sell our pre-owned vehicles. Our cars are well maintained as we regularly service them at authorized dealers centers and only install genuine parts for repair.
1) Low mileage
2) Completed service books
3) Extended warranty availability